Support Divisions


Investigators play a critical role in the Public Defender’s Office gathering information that is vital to each case. Investigators interview clients and witnesses; compile evidence, conduct criminal record searches and locate witnesses. As part of the team, investigators gather as much information as possible to assist the trial lawyers in bringing cases to resolution.

Social Services

Our team of social workers is prepared to assist when clients need connections to support services in our community. After assessing a client’s needs, social workers can link them with behavioral health services, substance-abuse programs, homelessness service providers, employment services, and many other organizations to assist in improving the overall health of individuals. In addition to meeting their immediate needs, connections to these services may result in pre-trial release from incarceration or alternative sentences more in line with their needs. At the public defender’s office our clients range from young juveniles to the elderly. As a result, our social services and mental health team is knowledgeable about age-related needs and services.